GitHub PR code review, new EDK II Reviewers team, and the edk2-codereview repository

Michael D Kinney


I am exploring a proposal to use GitHub PR for code review. Specifically
the last option listed in the following discussion:

I am using the edk2-codereview repository to try different ideas out
and to get feedback from the community on the tools and review process.
It has all the standard CI checks enabled along with extra GitHub
Actions to assign reviewers and to verify the consistency of the
Maintainers.txt, CODEOWNERS, and REVIEWERS files.

Part of that proposal is assignment of maintainers and reviewers to a PR
and use of the CODEOWNERS feature of GitHub for maintainers and adding a
second REVIEWERS file that uses the same CODEOWNERS syntax for reviewers.

In order to make a review request all maintainers and reviewers
must be members of the TianoCore organization. We already have a
team called "EDK II Maintainers" for maintainers. I have added a
new team called "EDK II Reviewers" for the set of reviewers that
are not maintainers of any other edk2 packages/directory.

If you received an invite to join the "EDK II Reviewers" team,
then please accept that invitation.

The GitHub Action CI checks I am enabling as part of this proposal
are getting errors because some reviewers are not part of the
TianoCore organization yet.

Example GitHub Action CI failure in edk2-codereview repository:

As sample PRs are opened in edk2-codereview, you may receive email
notices. Please explore the PRs and provide feedback on the tools and
the process.

You are also welcome to take any of the active code reviews on the
mailing list and submit them to the edk2-codereview repository to
try out the GitHub PR code review experience with real examples.

Please hold off on merging PRs into edk2-codereview repo for now.

There are no changes to the dev process for the edk2 repo at this time.