[edk2-devel] [RFC] EDK II Continuous Integration Phase 1

Laszlo Ersek

Hi Sean,

On 08/30/19 04:21, Sean via Groups.Io wrote:
would like to see these two efforts merged together.
Currently if the full set of tests are run we take about 20 minutes.
This is because compiling MdeModulePkg for debug, release, and host
based tests take a while. Most other packages are in the 10 minute
range. We do have easy ways to disable or limit certain tests as well
as expand the matrix to leverage more cloud resources (more parallel
### Module Inclusion Test - DscCompleteCheck
### Code Compilation Test - CompilerPlugin
### Host-Based UnitTests - HostUnitTestCompilerPlugin and
### GUID Uniqueness Test - GuidCheck
### Cross-Package Dependency Test - DependencyCheck
### Library Declaration Test - LibraryClassCheck
### Invalid Character Test - CharEncodingCheck
These tests sound awesome!

## Next Steps

* Receive community feedback on RFC.
* Determine where this phase makes sense given existing RFCs from
other TianoCore contributors.
* Optimize testing beharior.
* Only run a subset of tests on PRs or individual commits.
* Run full testing either once per day or once every several

I'd like to keep the per-PR tests down to 10 minutes.

On the other hand, it would be great if all of these tests could be
performed daily or weekly.

Are these tests easy to integrate with the infrastructure described by