[edk2-devel] [edk2-rfc] GitHub Pull Request based Code Review Process

Laszlo Ersek

On 05/09/20 06:22, Ni, Ray wrote:
It's a huge improvement to me as an Outlook user if pull-request-based review is enabled!

Please help me to understand: The pull-request-based review has been enabled naturally when edk2
was migrated to Github. People don't use it because it's not accepted by community. Your process
tries to meet community's needs of achieving all review comments in mails so pull-request-based
review can be accepted by community. Right?

I just subscribed at https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/tianocore-code-review-poc with
empty password.
I received the confirmation mail and clicked the link in the mail to confirm.
But I waited for ~15 minutes and didn't receive the additional mail containing the auto-generated password.
That's because the proof-of-concept list is currently subscriber-only,
and subscription requests have to be manually approved -- by Phil, or by
me. The PoC list contains a bunch of webhook test messages, and while
they are not secret, they are not useful to the grand public (and
arguably shouldn't be indexed by web search engines either).

Once we go live, the intent is that production list be publicly visible.
(Of course spam could become a problem; we'll see.)

Importantly, I totally don't "insist" that the email archive be hosted
on redhat.com (in fact it's extra moderation work for me, which I don't
necessarily welcome); I just offered because Red Hat associates can
request such public-facing mailing lists if they support relevant open
source development efforts.

The traffic should be federated to multiple lists, preferably, and the
redhat.com-hosted list need not be the primary archive address. Wherever
the primary list will live, we can subscribe the mail-archive.com daemon
to it, too.

I went to https://www.redhat.com/mailman/private/tianocore-code-review-poc/2020-May/thread.html#00289.
However, the page requires me to enter password.
Can you please change the setting so that viewing the mail achieve doesn't need password?
The password protection should remain in place for now, I think. I've
approved your subscription request; sorry about the delay. (I avoid
reading work email on the weekend.)