RFC: ASIX USB drivers

Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud

EDK2 community,

(and CCing OptionRomPkg maintainers),

ASIX (https://www.asix.com.tw/) has graciously contributed the source code of their latest USB NIC drivers to be up-streamed to TianoCore.

The original contribution (ZIP files) is available here: https://github.com/samerhaj/uefi_drivers/tree/master/UsbNetworking/Asix

I cleaned up the code a bit, and prepared it under this branch on my edk2-platform fork: https://github.com/samerhaj/edk2-platforms/tree/ASIX_USB_Networking

You will find the following new folders under /Drivers/OptionRomPkg/Bus/Usb/UsbNetworking :

- UEFI driver version 2.9.0 for Ax88179 and Ax88178a
- Source provided by ASIX as: https://github.com/samerhaj/uefi_drivers/blob/master/UsbNetworking/Asix/zip/source/AX88179_178a_UEFI_v2.9.0_Source.zip
- Source corresponds to the binary driver available at: https://www.asix.com.tw/products.php?op=pItemdetail&PItemID=131;71;112

- UEFI driver version 2.8.0 for Ax88772c / Ax88772b / Ax88772a
- Source provided by ASIX as: https://github.com/samerhaj/uefi_drivers/blob/master/UsbNetworking/Asix/zip/source/AX88772C_772B_772A_UEFI_v2.8.0_Source.zip
- Source corresponds to the binary driver available at: https://www.asix.com.tw/download.php?sub=driverdetail&PItemID=136

The new Ax88772c driver can effectively replace the existing driver in edk2-platforms/Drivers/OptionRomPkg/Bus/Usb/UsbNetworking/Ax88772b. I compared the code of the new driver with the hisoty of changes to the existing Ax88772b driver (tracing the history back to when OptionRomPkg was under edk2). As far as I can tell, all changes are accounted for in Ax88772c, except the following commits from edk2/OptionRomPkg:

Revision: 45e675f2d0eeda0511b5d6e0ed54f62f94c3826f
OptionRomPkg: Ax88772b: Fixing compilation

Revision: 9a1c4beca0463066660635c2494bb8cf66d4c4bd
OptionRomPkg: Ax88772b: support for multiple dongles and chips

Revision: 4986bbaf1151d1cccc1f2589bd13a86b539676b2
Ax88772: Add logic to separate packet, fix MTU issue. Ax88772b: Fix driver model unload function, fix SCT test failures.

Can folks please take a look at my branch and comment on anything else that might be missing, and on the readiness of this code to get upstreamed to edk2-platform ? I also appreciate any testing on this code, since I only have an AX88772A with IDs ids:

Vendor0x0B95 - ASIX Electronics Corp.
bcdDevice0x0001 - Device# = 00.01
iManufacturer0x01 - ASIX Elec. Corp.
iProduct0x02 - AX88772A


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