Re: RFC: Static Analysis in edk2 CI

Michael D Kinney

Hi Felix,

I think this is a great idea to add this to edk2 CI.

I recommend we focus initially on a full scan once a week to get started.

If we see lots of escapes, we can evaluate how to enable the scan on a submitted PR.

What do you need with from the community to move this proposal forward?



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Subject: [edk2-rfc] RFC: Static Analysis in edk2 CI

I would like to start a discussion regarding integration of the static analysis (SA) into the edk2 workflow.
I assume the SA benefits are well understood, so I'll get straight to the point; however, if anybody doubts the cause,
feel free to disagree.
Here is the high level overview on how we can integrate SA into edk2 CI.
Once we agree on a large picture, we can discuss the details.

- Use Open Coverity SA service. The service is free for open source projects. edk2 Open Coverity project already exists:
- Update edk2 CI scripts to run analysis once a week
(I'm not proposing running SA on every pull request since the process is time consuming)
- Perform analysis on all the edk2 packages using package DSC files that are used for CI build tests
(Coverity analysis is executed in the course of a specially instrumented project build).
- SA results are uploaded to To access them one would need to register on the site and request
tianocore-edk2 project access. The site can be used to triage the reported issues. Confirmed issues can be addressed using
a standard edk2 process (Bugzilla, mailing list).

Side notes:
- Another SA option is a CLANG CodeChecker ( However, as far as I'm aware,
no hosted CodeChecker service is available and it will be on edk2 community to deploy one.
- It is potentially possible to run incremental Open Coverity scans on each pull request. However, to do so we would need
to preserve build process and analyzer output files (essentially, the build folder) across the scans.
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