Re: RFC: Boot Discovery Policy

Ni, Ray

I reviewed your design and learned several points:
1. UiApp adds an option to let user select which class to connect
[ray] can you explain which UiApp your design changes? the one in MdeModulePkg? can you investigate whether it's doable to produce such setup option through another driver?

2. bcfg adds an option to let user select which class to connect
[ray] you need to discuss with USWG on the bcfg shell command change.

3. The option added above controls the PlatformBootManagerLib behavior
[ray] This lib belongs to platform scope so you can freely change it as long as the platform owner agrees.


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Adding reviewers and ARM into the loop...

Ray, Zhichao,
Can I ask you to review the design and let me know if you got any comments.


czw., 29 kwi 2021 o 10:11 Grzegorz Bernacki <> napisaƂ(a):


I would like to ask you for review of following proposal. It will
allow the user to specify which devices should be connected at the
boot. User selection will be saved in variable and Boot Manager Policy
Protocol will be used to connect specified devices.
Design can be found at:


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