Re: [RFC] Documents under RedfishPkg

Michael D Kinney

Hi Abner,

PlantUML is a way to embed some graphics in GitHub markdown text. Avoids checking in SVG or BMP or PNG binaries.

Here is an example of using PlatUML from a Wiki page with the PlantUML source text file also checked in.

GitHub Markdown source line that uses PlantUML server to convert PlantUML source to a SVG when the page is viewed.


PlantUML source file


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Subject: Re: [edk2-rfc] [RFC] Documents under RedfishPkg

On 03/26/21 16:42, Abner Chang wrote:
Hi edk2 Stewards,
Is that ok to put some EDK2 Redfish port guide or design block diagrams in a folder under RedfishPkg? e.g.
Any practices we have on the current edk2 repo?
If you can add the documents in some text-based representation (markup
or plaintext), where "reviewing patches" will make sense in the future,
then I welcome adding the documentation under RedfishPkg.

(If you have diagrams, I think SVG might be good for those.)

Other packages have introduced porting and other accompanying
documentation in the wiki, but I find that inferior. I don't like it
when documentation lives in a separate repository from the code that it


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