Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] UnitTestFrameworkPkg cmocka submodule alternatives

Michael D Kinney

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for the reminder. I have entered a BZ and sent a patch for review


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Subject: Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] UnitTestFrameworkPkg cmocka submodule alternatives

On 12/19/20 11:58 AM, Michael D Kinney wrote:

There have been a few suggestions to create a mirror of cmocka in TianoCore
org in GitHub.

I have found a GitHub action that can do a repo sync.

I have created a temporary mirror of cmocka in my personal GitHub area that
uses this GitHub action to sync all branches and all tags once a day.

Here is the GitHub workflow file. It must be in the default branch for the
repo using a branch name that is not present in the repo being mirrored.
In this case, I used a branch name of 'repo-sync'.

Please provide feedback on this approach. If we like this approach, then
I suggest we create a new repo in TianoCore called edk2-cmocka that is a
mirror that is synced once a day and we update the cmocka submodule in the
edk2 repo to use edk2-cmocka.
I just noticed this never got committed: still shows
the old URL.

Rebecca Cran

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