Re: [RFC] Have new interface in EDKII_FORM_BROWSER_EXTENSION2_PROTOCOL to disable hotkey support

Laszlo Ersek

On 03/25/21 04:26, Wang, Nickle (HPS SW) wrote:
Thanks for your feedback, Laszlo. I like the idea to support hotkey
from VFR level. However, I checked the UEFI driver writer guide and I
do not see anything about HII hotkey.

In terms of hotkey support from VFR, the efforts may be bigger than
doing it from EDK2 protocol. VFR file is compiled into IFR Opcodes
and IFR Opcodes are defined in UEFI specification. That means we have
to update UEFI specification to support HII hotkey. This also
includes the changes to VFR compiler, EDK2 setup browser driver and
all other codes that will parse IFR opcodes. I am not sure if it is
worth doing this.
Sure, I'm not pushing for that; just if it were possible with VFR out of
the box, it would be a good choice.


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