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Yeah, I have the same problem with cscope. Too many matches for one

On Fri, Mar 5, 2021 at 12:53 PM Brian J. Johnson <brian.johnson@...>

I use cscope, and the "rscope" extension to emacs. I use a script to
collect source files and include directories from the source tree to
generate the cscope.files file. That works, but isn't smart about
removing code which isn't actually compiled in a particular build. So
it requires some familiarity with the sources to understand which symbol
matches are relevant.


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Subject: [edk2-rfc] Cross referencing EDKII code

Started looking at EDKII code about two months ago. One of the things I
still haven't figured out is how to read code effectively, possibly with
the help of cross referencing tools. Haven't got much luck with cscope,
and I don't see any compile_commands.json being generated either.

What do you folks use for cross referencing? What's your development
setup like?

Brian J. Johnson
Enterprise X86 Lab

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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