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Rebecca Cran <rebecca@...>

It's very specific for my use of building it for my site, but I've put the Doxyfile at . You'll want to change things like the output directory, which is hard-coded to /home/bcran/sites/ . But then you should be able to generate a directory of html files by running "doxygen master.doxyfile".

There _is_ a doxyfile task in the edk2 repo at BaseTools/Scripts/PackageDocumentTools/plugins/EdkPlugins/basemodel/, but from looking at it a while ago I found it to be too simple for my use, for example lacking the search function.

Rebecca Cran

On 3/4/21 3:19 PM, Daniel Wang wrote:
Very nice!  Thank you for the pointers.  I wonder how the cross links were created and whether it's possible to integrate them into my editor (vim).   If not, is there a build target for doxygen?  So that I could generate these html files for the branch I am on?
On Thu, Mar 4, 2021 at 2:12 PM Rebecca Cran <rebecca@... <mailto:rebecca@...>> wrote:
On 3/4/21 11:15 AM, wonderfly@... <mailto:wonderfly@...>
> Started looking at EDKII code about two months ago.  One of the
things I still haven't figured out is how to read code effectively,
possibly with the help of cross referencing tools.  Haven't got much
luck with cscope, and I don't see any compile_commands.json being
generated either.
> What do you folks use for cross referencing?  What's your
development setup like?
Personally, I've found Doxygen a great help in understanding EDK2. I've
been maintaining a build of the documentation at
<> for a few years.
I think I've enabled all the search and browsing features, so for
example you can use the search bar in the top-right corner to find the
Rebecca Cran

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