Re: MemoryFence()

Paolo Bonzini <pbonzini@...>

Il mer 10 feb 2021, 07:37 Ankur Arora <ankur.a.arora@...> ha scritto:

So I don't quite see what would make "memory_order_seq_cst" harder?

From the spec (

"Atomic operations tagged memory_order_seq_cst not only order
memory the same way as release/acquire ordering (everything
that happened-before a store in one thread becomes a visible
side effect in the thread that did a load), but also establish
a single total modification order of all atomic operations
that are so tagged."
The problem is that the ordering does not extend to relaxed (or even
acquire/release) loads and stores. Therefore *every* store that needs to be
ordered before a seq_cst load must also be seq_cst. This is hard enough to
guarantee that using a fence is preferable.


Is the total modification order the problem?



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