Re: [RFC] UnitTestFrameworkPkg cmocka submodule alternatives

Michael D Kinney


There have been a few suggestions to create a mirror of cmocka in TianoCore
org in GitHub.

I have found a GitHub action that can do a repo sync.

I have created a temporary mirror of cmocka in my personal GitHub area that
uses this GitHub action to sync all branches and all tags once a day.

Here is the GitHub workflow file. It must be in the default branch for the
repo using a branch name that is not present in the repo being mirrored.
In this case, I used a branch name of 'repo-sync'.

Please provide feedback on this approach. If we like this approach, then
I suggest we create a new repo in TianoCore called edk2-cmocka that is a
mirror that is synced once a day and we update the cmocka submodule in the
edk2 repo to use edk2-cmocka.

Best regards,


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We have had at least three incidents in the last year where the link to the
cmocka submodule in the UnitTestFrameworkPkg has not been available, and this
impacted the EDK II CI system. The following submodule link is the one that
is not reliable:

We have identified two potential mirrors of this repo:

The following patch provided a temporary fix for the EDK II CI agents, but
does not help other consumers of the edk2 repository.

I have seen one suggestion that TianoCore create its own
mirror of cmocka. This does require monitoring and maintenance
by the TianoCore community. I would prefer to use a well
maintained mirror in github as long as we do not observe any
issues with the support of that mirror.

I propose we update the submodule in the UnitTestFrameworkPkg
to use the mirror.
By using a mirror in github, we remove one external dependency.

Please provide feedback and comments on this proposal. If there
are no objections, then we will proceed with a patch review for
this update.



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