[RFC V3] Create supported branch from edk2-stable* tag (Required to address critical bug BZ3111)

Michael D Kinney


The following bug has been fixed on edk2/master



This bug is also considered a critical bug against edk2-stable202011. The behavior

of the Variable Lock Protocol was changed in a non-backwards compatible manner in

edk2-stable202011 and this is impacting some downstream platforms. The following

2 commits on edk2/master restore the original behavior of the Variable Lock Protocol.



The request here is to create a supported branch from edk2-stable202011 tag and apply

these 2 commits as critical bug fixes on the supported branch.

Since we started using the edk2-stable* tag process, there has not been a request to create

a supported branch from one of those tags. As a result, there are a couple opens that

need to be addressed:

1) Supported branch naming convention.

Branch Proposal: stable/<YYYY><MM>

Branch Example: stable/202011

2) CI requirements for supported branches.

Proposal: Update .azurepipelines yml files to trigger on stable/* branches,

update .mergify configuration file to support merging of stable/* branches,

and update GitHub branch protection settings to protect stable/* branches.

3) A stable/* branch is only supported until the next edk2-stable tag release.

4) Release requirements for supported branches.

Proposal: If there are a significant number of critical fixes applied to

a stable/* branch, then a request for a release can be made that would

trigger focused testing of the supported branch and creation of a new

release. If all testing passes, then a tag is created on the stable/*

branch and a release is created on GitHub that summarizes the set of

critical fixes and the testing performed.

Tag Proposal: edk2-stable<YYYY><MM>.<XX>

Tag Example : edk2-stable202011.01

Please let me know if you have any feedback or comments on this proposal. The goal

is to close on this topic this week.

Thank you,


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