Re: [edk2-devel] RFC: Adding support for ARM (RNDR etc.) to RngDxe

Yao, Jiewen

Maybe you can upload the content to, where we hold the design review ppt, etc.

I assume we want to discuss below two APIs implementation, right?
1) RngLib

Thank you
Yao Jiewen

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Hi Sami,

JPGs work, but preferably published in a location where they're
unlikely to be deleted, and posted as URLs. doesn't require a licensed application to
edit, and can be "saved to github" for example.

Please make sure to use the diagrams to support/clarify the mailing
list conversation rather than replacing it.

Best Regards,


On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 11:26:26 +0000, Sami Mujawar wrote:
Hi All,

I am working on the TRNG FW API interface and will share more details for
the discussion soon.
We had some thoughts about streamlining the RngDxe implementations
and would like to share some diagrams for the discussion.
My diagrams are in Visio that I can export as JPG images. However, I
am open to switching to any other suggested tool.

Hi Leif,

Can you suggest on how we can collaborate to share diagrams/documents,


Sami Mujawar

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There is also the TRNG FW API, which is an architected SMC firmware

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Subject: [edk2-devel] RFC: Adding support for ARM (RNDR etc.) to RngDxe

Currently, RngDxe in SecurityPkg only supports Intel, with RdRand support.

This RFC is to start a discussion about adding support for ARM.

I have a Git branch with support for the optional ARMv8.5 RNDR
instruction at which
moves the existing Intel support into a Rand directory, and adds code to
support RNDR in a new AArch64 directory.

There are other RNG implementations available for ARM, including
platform-specific approaches on Graviton
( and other platforms, so a more
thorough rearchitecting/redesign may be desired.

Rebecca Cran

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