Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] Request to move MinPlatformPkg out of the Intel folder

Bret Barkelew <bret.barkelew@...>

I think that to support anything larger that proofs of concept – in other words, to support the actual platforms that we WANT to consume this trusted, common code – we already have to support recursive submodules.

Our team HIGHLY recommends that platforms submodule edk2 rather than forking it, which means (for most) that they are already invested in repo management tooling of one form or another.

Perhaps this is the time we get EdkRepo and Stuart to join forces and become the one-true-repo-management solution for EDK.

Or we could all move to Rust and start complaining about Cargo immediately. 😉

- Bret

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] Request to move MinPlatformPkg out of the Intel folder

Hey Sean,

On 10/2/20, 8:37 PM, Sean <spbrogan@...> wrote:
I could imagine a path where edk2-platforms starts using submodules (or
something with similar properties) and then pulls in the "new"
MinPlatform repo.
IMHO I'm starting to get annoyed at the number of submodules in edk2 at this point. It's getting to the point that we are in danger of needing recursive submodule clones, which are a huge PITA for anyone not using either stuart or EdkRepo. I'd rather not get to that point.


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