Re: [RFC] Request for new git repository for EdkRepo

Bjorge, Erik C

I am fine with a new repo. This also supports a good workflow to get a tool that then lets you pull full platforms. In theory you would only ever really need to clone a single repo manually (assuming reasonable manifest support).

Are you also looking at creating a separate manifest repo as well or just creating a manifest branch in the new EdkRepo repository?


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Subject: [RFC] Request for new git repository for EdkRepo

Hi Everyone,

Given that EdkRepo has existed in the project for over a year now (in edk2-staging) I think it is time to get out of staging. I have considered multiple possible landing zones:

1. edk2
2. edk2-pytool-library
3. A new repository

Edk2 does not seem like a good location as EdkRepo isn't strictly necessary to build EDK II, and I think all of us would prefer that edk2 not become a dumping ground. I have talked with the other maintainers of edk2-pytool-library and they would prefer that EdkRepo not enter that repository because EdkRepo does not have a robust set of unit tests yet and they don't want their test coverage metrics to decline. Therefore, the best choice seems to be a new repository. As always if anyone has comments they are welcome!


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