[RFC] Request to move MinPlatformPkg out of the Intel folder

Nate DeSimone

Hi Everyone,

This has come up informally a couple of times already, but I do think that it would be beneficial to move MinPlatformPkg out of the Platform/Intel folder and into a vendor neutral folder. MinPlatform really isn't Intel specific, it's just "middleware" that is intended to make it easier and faster to build EDK II based firmware. We have always intended MinPlatform to be vendor neutral, and it would be great to see MinPlatform based implementations for non-Intel silicon. Anyone working with EDK II should feel welcome to work with us on MinPlatform, regardless of the SoC in use.

To that end, I propose that we move MinPlatformPkg out of edk2-platforms/Platform/Intel to edk2-platforms/Platform/MinPlatformPkg. It might also make sense to move edk2-platforms/Platform/Intel/Tools and edk2-platforms/Platform/Intel/build_bios.py to edk2-platforms/Platform as well since those are all useful for building MinPlatform based firmware, but I could also see that being something for another time. Let me know what you think!


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