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A version of this Wiki page is also provided here for review:


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Based on the following RFC:

Additional updates:
* Add examples of all specifications currently maintained by
the UEFI Forums.
* Added specification change template using a CC-BY-4.0 license.
* Add source code example for an enum value
* Minor grammar updates to change from an RFC proposal to an
active process.

Cc: Laszlo Ersek <lersek@...>
Cc: Andrew Fish <afish@...>
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+The EDK II Code First Process is a process by which new features can be added
+to UEFI Forum specifications after first having been designed and prototyped
+in the open.
+This process lets changes and the development of new features happen in the
+open, without violating the UEFI forum bylaws which prevent publication of
+code for in-draft features/changes.
+The process does not in fact change the UEFI bylaws - the change is that the
+development (of both specification and code) happens in the open. The resulting
+specification update is then submitted to the appropriate working group as an
+Engineering Change Request (ECR), and voted on. For the UEFI Forum, this is a
+change in workflow, not a change in process.
+ECRs are tracked in a UEFI Forum Mantis instance, access restricted to UEFI
+Forum Members. TianoCore enables this new process by providing areas on
+[TianoCore Bugzilla]( to track both specification
+updates and reference implementations and new repositories under
+[TianoCore GitHub]( dedicated to hold "code first".
+# TianoCore Bugzilla
+[TianoCore Bugzilla]( has a product categories for
+ * ACPI Specification
+ * UEFI Shell Specification
+ * UEFI Platform Initialization Distribution Packaging Specification
+ * UEFI Platform Initialization Specification Specification
+ * UEFI Specification
+Each product category has separate components for
+ * Specification
+ * Reference implementation
+# TianoCore GitHub
+Reference implementations targeting the EDK II open source project are held
+in branches in the [edk2-staging](
+Additional repositories for implementing reference features in additional open
+source projects can be added in the future, as required.
+Specification text changes are held within the affected source repository,
+using the GitHub flavor of markdown, in a file (or split across several files)
+with .md suffix. Multiple files are required if changes impact multiple
+specifications or if the specification is large and is easier to maintain
+if the changes are split across multiple files.
+* NOTE: This one may break down where we have a specification change affecting
+ multiple specifications, but at that point we can track it with multiple
+ TianoCore Bugzilla entries.
+## Specification Text Template
+The following is a template of specification text changes using the GitHub
+flavor of markdown. The title and complete description of the specification
+changes must be provided in the specification text along with the name and
+version of the specification the change applies. The `Status` of the
+specification change always starts in the `Draft` state and is updated based
+on feedback from the industry standard forums. The contents of the specification
+text are required to use the
+[Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International](
+license using a `SPDX-License-Identifier` statement.
+# Title: [Must be Filled In]
+# Status: [Status]
+[Status] must be one of the following:
+* Draft
+* Submitted to industry standard forum
+* Accepted by industry standard forum
+* Accepted by industry standard forum with modifications
+* Rejected by industry standard forum
+# Document: [Title and Version]
+Here are some examples of [Title and Version]:
+* UEFI Specification Version 2.8
+* ACPI Specification Version 6.3
+* UEFI Shell Specification Version 2.2
+* UEFI Platform Initialization Specification Version 1.7
+* UEFI Platform Initialization Distribution Packaging Specification Version 1.1
+# License
+SPDX-License-Identifier: CC-BY-4.0
+# Submitter: [TianoCore Community](
+# Summary of the change
+Required Section
+# Benefits of the change
+Required Section
+# Impact of the change
+Required Section
+# Detailed description of the change [normative updates]
+Required Section
+# Special Instructions
+Optional Section
+# Intended workflow
+The entity initiating a specification change enters a Bugzilla in the appropriate
+area of [TianoCore Bugzilla]( This entry contains the
+outline of the change, and the full initial draft text is attached.
+If multiple specification updates are interdependent, especially if between
+different specifications, then multiple Bugzilla entries should be created.
+These Bugzilla entries *must* be linked together with dependencies.
+After the Bugzillas have been created, new branches should be created in the
+relevant repositories for each Bugzilla. The branch names must use the following
+format where #### is the Bugzilla ID and <Brief Description> is an optional
+description of the change.
+ BZ####-<Brief Description>
+If multiple Bugzilla entries must coexist on a single branch, one of them is
+designated the _top-level_, with dependencies properly tracked. That Bugzilla
+is be the one naming the branch.
+# Source Code
+In order to ensure draft code does not accidentally leak into production use,
+and to signify when the changeover from draft to final happens, *all* new or
+modified[1] identifiers must be prefixed with the relevant BZ#### identifiers.
+* [1] Modified in a non-backwards-compatible way. If, for example, a statically
+ sized array is grown - this does not need to be prefixed. But a tag in a
+ comment would be *highly* recommended.
+## File names
+New public header files require the prefix (i.e. `Bz1234MyNewProtocol.h`).
+Private header files do not need the prefix.
+## Contents
+The tagging must follow the coding style used by each affected code base.
+| Released in spec | Draft version in tree | Comment |
+| --- | --- | --- |
+| `FunctionName` | `Bz1234FunctionName` | |
+For data structures or enums, any new or non-backwards-compatible structs or
+fields require a prefix. As above, growing an existing array in an existing
+struct requires no prefix.
+| Released in spec | Draft version in tree | Comment |
+| --- | --- | --- |
+| `typedef SOME_STRUCT` | `BZ1234_SOME_STRUCT` | Typedef only [2] |
+| `StructField` | `Bz1234StructField` | In existing struct[3] |
+| `typedef SOME_ENUM` | `BZ1234_SOME_ENUM` | Typedef only [2] |
+| `EnumValue` | `BzEnumValue` | In existing enum[3] |
+* [2] If the struct or enum definition is separate from the typedef in the public
+ header, the definition does not need the prefix.
+* [3] Individual fields in newly added struct or enum do not need prefix, the
+ struct or enum already carried the prefix.
+Variable prefixes indicating global scope ('g' or 'm') go before the BZ prefix.
+| Released in spec | Draft version in tree | Comment |
+| --- | --- | --- |
+| `gSomeGuid` | `gBz1234SomeGuid` | |
+Local identifiers, including module-global ones (m-prefixed) do not require a
+BZ prefix.

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