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Not sure I fully follow your proposal. Can you provide more on the use case? Is the "blob" a FV or is the signed_sub_region a raw section in a ffs file? or something else like binary at flash offset?

The PI spec has a filesystem that describes many options and the DxeCore has support for security validation / authentication state flags associated with FVs and FFS files.

I have also seen many designs that leverage section extraction and doing authentication thru that guided sections.

Can you provide more background as to why it is important to get this into edk2 as a "standard" and why it requires defining new structures and new library abstractions?

Finally a point on the policy. In many products (especially commercial products) you don't see "UEFI secure boot (PK/KEK/DB/DBX)" leveraged for trust prior to EndOfDxe. Since UEFI secure boot is often user controlled this opens up your "platform" to compromise that can be impossible to recover from.


On 6/16/2020 10:50 AM, Mackay, Curtis A wrote:
I filed a proposal for a new library to handle UEFI BIOS sub-regions at Attached is a slide deck with design overview of the new library.
A UEFI BIOS sub-region is an independent signed FV that can be updated independent of UEFI BIOS on flash and is part of a pre-allocated region on flash that is visible to UEFI BIOS.
The primary use-cases for such a region would be to store independently updateable firmware and large IP configuration data files to be consumed by BIOS.
To maintain the integrity of the BIOS sub-region, this ticket proposes a mechanism that:
- Leverages UEFI Secure Boot to authenticate the BIOS sub-region
- Supports PKCS#7 standard as signing/authentication mechanism to maintain the integrity of sub-region in PEI, DXE or BDS Phase.
Please provide feedback and comments on the design.
Best regards,
Curtis Mackay

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