Re: [edk2-devel] [edk2-rfc] GitHub Pull Request based Code Review Process

Michael D Kinney


There is no difference between CI checks run during code review
and the final CI checks before merge. I think it is an interesting
conversation to decide how many times those CI checks should be
run and if they should run automatically on every change during
review or on demand.

Mergify is more flexible. We want to make sure the git history
is linear with not git merges and supports both single patches
and patch series without squashing. GitHub merge button by
default squashes all commits into a single commit.



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On 5/8/20 8:59 PM, Michael D Kinney wrote:

* Perform final review of patches and commit
message tags. If there are not
issues, set the `push` label to run final set of
CI checks and auto merge
the pull request into master.
What's the difference between the CI that runs when a
user submits the
Pull Request, and the final CI checks that run before
the request is merged?

Also, I'm wondering why Mergify is being used instead
of the maintainer
hitting the "Merge Pull Request" button, or however
it's worded?

Rebecca Cran

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