Re: [RFCv2] code-first process for UEFI-forum specifications

Ni, Ray

## Github
New repositories will be added for holding the text changes and the source code.

Specification text changes will be held within the affected source repository,
in the Github flavour of markdown, in a file (or split across several files)
with .md suffix.
What's the case when multiple .MD files are needed?

(This one may break down where we have a specification change affecting multiple
specifications, but at that point we can track it with multiple BZ entries)

## Source code
In order to ensure draft code does not accidentally leak into production use,
and to signify when the changeover from draft to final happens, *all* new or
modified[1] identifiers need to be prefixed with the relevant BZ####.

[1] Modified in a non-backwards-compatible way. If, for example, a statically
sized array is grown - this does not need to be prefixed. But a tag in a
comment would be *highly* recommended.
If a protocol is enhanced to provide more interfaces with increased revision number,
would you like the protocol name to be prefixed with BZ####?
Or just the new interfaces added to the protocol are prefixed the BZ####?
I think just prefixing the new interfaces can meet the purpose.

But the protocol definition is changed, it also needs to be prefixed according to this flow.
Can you clarify a bit more?

### File names
New public header files need the prefix. I.e. `Bz1234MyNewProtocol.h`
Private header files do not need the prefix.

### Contents

The tagging must follow the coding style used by each affected codebase.

| Released in spec | Draft version in tree | Comment |
| --- | --- | --- |
| `FunctionName` | `Bz1234FunctionName` | |
If FunctionName or HEADER_MACRO is defined in non-public header files, I don't
think they require the prefix. Do you agree?

For data structures or enums, any new or non-backwards-compatible structs or
fields require a prefix. As above, growing an existing array in an existing
struct requires no prefix.

| `typedef SOME_STRUCT` | `BZ1234_SOME_STRUCT` | Typedef only [2] |
| `StructField` | `Bz1234StructField` | In existing struct[3] |
| `typedef SOME_ENUM` | `BZ1234_SOME_ENUM` | Typedef only [2] |

[2] If the struct or enum definition is separate from the typedef in the public
header, the definition does not need the prefix.
What does "separate" mean?
Does it mean "struct or enum in the public header BzXXX.h don't need the prefix"?
If yes, then I think macros defined in BzXXX.h also don't need the prefix.

[3] Individual fields in newly added typedefd struct do not need prefix, the
struct already carried the prefix.

Variable prefixes indicating global scope ('g' or 'm') go before the BZ prefix.

| `gSomeGuid` | `gBz1234SomeGuid` | |

Local identifiers, including module-global ones (m-prefixed) do not require a
BZ prefix.
I think only the names (struct type name, enum type name, interface name, protocol/ppi name)
defined in public header files need the BZ prefix when the public header doesn't have prefix.

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