Unified API for Hashing Algorithms in EDK2

Sukerkar, Amol N


Currently the UEFI drivers using the SHA/SM3 hashing algorithms use hard-coded API to calculate the hash, such as, sha_256(...), etc. Since SHA384 and/or SM3 are being increasingly adopted, it becomes cumbersome to modify the driver with SHA384 or SM3 calls for each application.

To better achieve this, we are proposing a unified API which can be used by UEFI drivers that provides the drivers with flexibility to use the hashing algorithm they desired or the strongest hashing algorithm the system supports (with openssl). Attached is the design proposal for the same and we request feedback from the community before we begin the process of making the changes to EDK2 repo.

Alternatively, the design document is also attached to Bugzilla, https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2151. You can also provide the feedback in the Bugzilla.


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