Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] EDK II Continuous Integration Phase 1



Phase 1 CI content ready for full review and I would propose that if no additional comments this RFC can be completed.

Master branch of my edk2 fork located here.

Build badges in the readme will take you to the individual builds.

Packages being tested, issues, and test details located here Also available thru a link on the readme.

There are 24 commits to the latest edk2 to enable this.

The first 7 commits are enabling edk2 to leverage PyTools.
* Add pip requirements file to track pip versions
* Add files describing tools, versions, and paths.
* Add new tools_def for vs2019 and 17 and gcc5
* Add new build_rule to support MSFT AARM64 assembler
* Add python file for ci build

There are also two commits that add new NULL libraries to speed up build and minimize unnecessary cross package dependencies.
* Add BaseCryptLibNull
* Add TlsLibNull

The remaining commits are changes to each package to describe the configuration for each test and minor tweaks to enable the packages to build with the tested toolchains and architectures.

Finally the last commit adds the AzurePipeline Support files into a new ci folder.

Please review and provide feedback. Build times are under 10 minutes for Ubuntu and 12 minutes for Windows.

One more side note: Details are in the readme on how to run a spell checker and there is an online build that can be reviewed. There is some "noise" with valid words but there is a massive number of misspelled words that would be great to get cleaned up and I would like to put this test into place to avoid future errors. Mike - maybe you can add to phase 2 wiki.


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