Re: [RFC PATCH 2/3] Maintainers.txt: add wildcard path association for Arm/AArch64

Leif Lindholm

On Thu, Jul 04, 2019 at 06:14:04AM +0000, Wu, Hao A wrote:
I do met a little problem that for a patch that touches multiple features,
the contacts order in the output is not ideally perfect:

Content in Maintainers.txt:
F: MdeModulePkg/
M: Jian J Wang <>
M: Hao A Wu <hao.a.wu@...>

F: MdeModulePkg/*Ufs*/
R: Ufs Guy <ufs@...>

F: MdeModulePkg/Include/*Hii*.h
F: MdeModulePkg/*Hii*/
R: Hii Guy <hii@...>

Script output:
$ py BaseTools/Scripts/ HEAD
Jian J Wang <>
Hao A Wu <hao.a.wu@...>
Ufs Guy <ufs@...>
Hii Guy <hii@...>

The 'Hii Guy' is at the end of the list.
Totally agree. The idea was to keep the first revision simple.
Another thing missing (that I would argue is even more important than
listed order), is an indication of *why* said person is listed.

But this is a rather minor problem and does not impact the use at all.
Good. I will respin the set based on Laszlo's feedback on previous
version and resubmit.

Best Regards,


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