Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] EDK II Continuous Integration Phase 1


On 2019-09-17 15:08, Sean via Groups.Io wrote:
That process is to run the CI process locally.

If you want to run on the Azure servers the idea is you push to a branch that has a CI policy or create a PR to a branch that has this build as a "gate".

So for example if you
1. fork
2. Checkout the edk2-stuart-ci-latest branch from your fork.
3. Make a change and commit it.
4. Push to your fork.
5. Go to your fork on the github website or the PR page of my fork you can create a Pull Request from your branch to mine.
6. Create it. Once you do that it will spawn builds on the server. If I had branch policies that required those builds to pass the PR could not be completed/merged without passing.

Does that help.
Thanks, that does help.

Rebecca Cran

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