Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] EDK II Continuous Integration Phase 1


On 8/29/19 2:22 PM, Michael D Kinney wrote:
The following link is a link to an EDK II WIKI page that
contains a summary of the work to date. Please provide
feedback in the EDK II mailing lists. The WIKI pages will
be updated with input from the entire EDK II community.

In that wiki page, it says:

"To work with this branch and run tests immediately, all you need to do is:

|pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt stuart_setup -c .\ stuart_update -c .\ stuart_ci_build -c .\ --Tool_Chain VS2017" |

I tried doing that in my KUbuntu system, but it was wanting to run NuGet. Once I installed the needed libmono packages via apt, it was wanting to install mu-nasm and then mu-Basetools. I thought it would be pushing changes to Azure to test, not trying to build it locally?


Rebecca Cran

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