Re: [PATCH] q35: lpc: allow to lock down 128K RAM at default SMBASE address

Laszlo Ersek

On 09/09/19 21:15, Laszlo Ersek wrote:

... I've done some testing too. Applying the QEMU patch on top of
89ea03a7dc83, my plan was:

- do not change OVMF, just see if it continues booting with the QEMU

- then negotiate bit#1 too, in step (1a) -- this is when I'd expect (3a)
to break.

Unfortunately, the result is worse than that; even without negotiating
bit#1 (i.e. in the baseline test), the firmware crashes (reboots) in
step (3a). I've checked "info mtree", and all occurences of
"smbase-blackhole" and "smbase-blackhole" are marked [disabled]. I'm not
sure what's wrong with the baseline test (i.e. without negotiating
bit#1). If I drop the patch (build QEMU at 89ea03a7dc83), then things
work fine.
Sorry, there's a typo above: I pasted "smbase-blackhole" twice. The
second instance was meant to be "smbase-window". I checked all instances
of both regions in the info mtree output, I just fumbled the pasting.


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