Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] EDK II Continuous Integration Phase 1


On 2019-09-03 10:41, Ni, Ray wrote:
Can we change the process a bit?
1. maintainers created pull requests on behave of the patch owners
2. patch owners can be notified automatically if pull requests fail
3. patch owners update the pull requests
(I am not familiar to pull requests. I assume the rights of modifying pull requests and creating pull requests are separated. Are they?)

So, maintainers only need to initiate the pull requests. It assumes when pull requests are initiated, everyone at least agrees the justifications of the changes are valid and the ways the changes are done.
In other projects I've worked on, patch owners initiate the pre-commit
build/test, and either comment on the review (ideally with link to the
results) about its status, or have the CI system comment automatically
on the review page/thread.

Once the maintainer has signed off on the patch, it can then be sent for
gatekeeping, which is either a manual process whereby the repo owner (or
subsystem maintainer) checks the review, runs any additional tests they
want etc. - or via a 'land' command (for example with Review Board it's
"rbt land") which automates the checks and pushes the changeset.

I understand that with Azure Pipelines and how it integrates with
Github, along with the fact that this project doesn't use pull requests
or any other review automation, means things are probably going to be
pretty different to most other projects for now.


Rebecca Cran

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