Re: [edk2-devel] [RFC] EDK II Continuous Integration Phase 1

Laszlo Ersek

On 09/03/19 19:09, Sean Brogan wrote:

The idea that the maintainer must create the PR is fighting the
optimized github PR flow. Github and PRs process is optimized for
letting everyone contribute from "their" fork while still protecting
and putting process in place for the "upstream".

Why not use github to assign maintainers to each package or filepath
and then let contributors submit their own PR to edk2 after the
mailing list has approved. Then the PR has a policy that someone that
is the maintainer of all files changed must approve before the PR can
be completed (or you could even set it so that maintainer must
complete PR). This would have the benefit of less monotonous work
for the maintainers and on rejected PRs the contributor could easily
update their branch and resubmit their PR.
I'll let Mike respond.


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