Writing to QemuVideoDxe Framebuffer after sleep


I have been working with the Xen platform, and while I have gotten sleep working, I have run into a bug that I need help understanding. We use our own PV drivers for display, and if we disable the driver or uninstall before the guest has gone to sleep, the video will switch over to the GOP QemuVideo (using the Bochs protocol) without issue. However if a sleep has been done and an uninstall performed, I am seeing the last image before the framebuffer switched to the PV buffer (so Windows boot screen), and the framebuffer isn't updated beyond that. From what it appears, it would seem that after the guest has gone to sleep, the framebuffer setup by QemuVideo is destroyed and not set back up on return. From what I have read the GOP gets setup and is just never torn down after the end of DXE. Does anyone have any idea what it would take to get the GOP running after sleep, or does anyone know that it is most definitely running and therefore my problem exists elsewhere?

This is my first post to the group, so any help would be fantastic!