Updated UEFI bios for Intel DQ57TM desktop mobo?



I have an Intel DQ57TM. It's running the original Tunnel Mountain UEFI development firmware (SDV.TM.B12)

Basically what is discussed in the following:

It came to us running the UEFI bios so we did not have to manually flash the SPI chip.

1) Was there a newer UEFI BIOS version than SDV.TM.B12?

The second PDF says updated versions can be downloaded from the Intel UEFI Community Resource Center (http://www.intel.com/udk) but that URL no longer exists.

2) Alternatively is there any way to revert to the standard TM0050.BIO non-UEFI bios which I think was the final version for the DQ57TM?

Recovery jumper and bootable USB doesn't work. I have a CH341A and can flash the SPI but I believe I need to extract the binary image from the DQ57TM.BIO file. Googling I found lots of people asking how to do this but either "that's not allowed by Intel" or no answer.


Tony Jones
SUSE Kernel Performance Team


If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks!