UEFI-SCT: Support for UEFI-SCT for X86 architecture.



I was trying to build the UEFI-SCT for EDK2 on my windows box running cygwin.
I follow edk2-test/uefi-sct/HowToBuild/How to build SCT.txt for build instruction. It says X64 is unsupported target architecture.

Also on CYGWIN i had to mention RVCT as tool chain and RVCT seems to support only ARM.
How can i build UEFI-SCT for EDK2 ?

There are some instruction to build UEFI-SCT for UDK2017:
edk2-test/uefi-sct/HowToBuild/How to build SCT in UDK2017.txt

But i want to build and test EDK2.