UEFI meets ai/distributed computing/crypto


Dear EDK2 community

tl;dr: Someone is developing a "quorum-based computations protocol", which will be used for training of a neural network and also to execute distributed computations (aka "Smart Contracts"). They are using UEFI as operating system (yes, really..) to run the node application. If anyone of you is interested in crypto AND uefi (obviously) - we would love to welcome you in our community and to join the discussion. Just head over to discord.gg/2vDMR8m and say hello.

Some more context here:
While we have a functioning network I believe you can be a great source for feedback and help. EFI development isn't javascript with gazillions of tutorials online, rather something very special and niche. There are questions around performance, setups, motherboard firmwares, SSD vs. NVME write support etc. which only UEFI masters might be able to answer.

It would be nice to have someone from you over there, looking forward to meeting you.

Kind regards
The uefi crypto community :-)