ShellPkg TFTP Command Embedding


Hi everyone,
I've been trying to integrate the tftp command into the shell.efi built from the ShellPkg without success and was hoping you could shed some light on a proper solution.

The use case is using iPXE to http/pxe boot shell.efi that was modified to create a RAM disk and then use tftp to transfer files to the RAM filesystem depending on the systems that are ran. Previously the tftp command was built into the shell, but it has since been refactored to a DynamicCommand as a DXE_DRIVER.

I'm stuck trying to understand:
- Can the tftp command be built into shell.efi to be used as an internal command through configuration files and/or build options
- If not through configuration should I build tftp back as an internal command something like described here
- Or a third option that I'm unaware of such as packaging shell.efi and tftp.efi into a format that can be http/pxe booted to automatically run the shell with the ability to run the tftp command

I appreciate any help on this