Reconnect item in form browser

Li, Walon

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Hi edk2 guys,

I have a question about edk2-formbrowser.
According to UEFI 2.8 spec p.1858, system reconnects controller when EFI_IFR_FLAG_RESET_REQUIRED is set. The timing of reconnecting is exiting formset which would happen with moving to different driver page normally.
However, it may happen with form-callback, some driver's callback would update form inside. It sets UI_ACTION_REFRESH_FORMSET and driver will be reconnected as above mention. After reconnecting driver, this is a new driver for BIOS so system can't back to original destination page (Dynamic Form) and then back to its parent page (Device Manager).
This issue is reproducible on edk2-emulater as well but I'm not sure that is valid coding convention or edk2 implementation bug. Could you check my demo code ( for helping?

Reproducible step.
1. Press F2 to enter Setup.
2. Go to Device Manager => Form Test Formset
3-1. Go to Dynamic Form, can see "Dynamic Item1" => PASS
3-2. Change "Item 1 - RECONNECT" to "Option 2". Press F10 for save. Go to Dynamic Form, system will return to Device Manager => FAIL


Li, Walon

Attach demo code again.