Question: Bug 3106 - Issue: EFI partition contents/files (FS0:\) not visible to EFI shell (OVMF + QEMU)


Good day,

I have been setting up a sort of TPM2 developer environment with QEMU and OVMF, and have hit a snag ( In short, I can build OVMF and launch QEMU with it, but it gets stuck at the EFI shell, and is unable to see the contents of the EFI partition (which I can confirm manually by mounting my QCOW2 image file and confirming the expected files are indeed present). It seems that, no matter what I do, I can get FS0 to be visible from the EFI shell, but the pre-populated files I've put into the EFI partition are not visible from the EFI shell.

Has anyone encountered something like this in the past? I found a somewhat similar post on the automotive Linux forums (but not solution), so I'm wondering if there's some common error case that results in this kind of error case (i.e. misconfigured EFI partition or bad QEMU options)?

Thank you.