Interested in contributing


Hi there,

I'm Monami - a Master's in Computer Engineering student at Virginia Tech, US. This is my first semester here as an international student, so I don't have CPT authorization to get paid for working this summer.
But I'm really interested in contributing here - especially the project "Enable Clang/LLVM Build for Microsoft Windows", or some other similar project.

This semester I've taken the courses Compiler Optimizations and OS & Virtualization where I've implemented an iterative dataflow framework to analyze passes. I've also worked on UEFI by building a bootloader and setting up virtual address spaces for user applications amongst other things. I am not able to share those projects yet as public on my GitHub page because I'm still only halfway through the semester and not done with the courses, but I can share it separately to an email-id if required as proof of work. By the end of the semester, I'll have implemented my course projects as well, and I feel the project listed here is the perfect fit for me to expand on my skills and help the community at the same time. I have experience with C as well as Python and I'm a quick study and work well under minimal supervision.

I was wondering if I could still contribute here, even if I am not potentially eligible yet to enroll as a Google Summer of Code student because of CPT authorization issues.
Please let me know how I can help!

Monami Dutta Gupta