Inclusive Language RFC

Teng, Lynn L

Hello all,

Please provide your feedback and comments to the Inclusive Language Plan below over the next two weeks (10/25-11/05). Thank you in advance for your contributions.


## Overview

To promote a more inclusive and open ecosystem, TianoCore is dedicated to removing archaic terminology that holds negative connotation.
In collaboration with UEFI, we will be following the same [Inclusive Language Implementation Guidelines]( as stated on [](

## Plan

1. Announcement of intent, and all check-ins from here onwards will need to abide by Inclusive Language Implementation Guidelines
2. Scrubbing of all comments, documentation, and Wiki pages
3. Scrubbing all non-legacy code
3.1. Integrate open-source commit hook that will warn submitter of violations
4. Working with UEFI to scrub legacy code
4.1. Update commit hook to block submissions with violations

## Implementation Guidelines

### Master/Slave to not be used together nor alone.
Master | Slave
Main | Secondary, Subordinate
Primary | Secondary, Replica
Host | Target
Leader | Follower
Orchestrator | Worker
Initiator | Responder

Or similar descriptive terminology

### Blacklist/Whitelist to not be used together nor alone.
Blacklist | Whitelist
Blocklist | Passlist
Denylist | Allowlist
Refused, Denied | Permitted

Or similar descriptive terminology