How to generate UEFI capsule image and test UEFI capsule update?


Hi all,
We are planning to develop UEFI capsule F/W update, and we have seen \FmpDevicePkg\FmpDxe and MdeModulePkg\Application\CapsuleApp in The examples are both related to capsule update issue. The problems we have are:

1. How to generate capsule image? Is there any sample code or operation flow?
2. Is it enough only to modify with FmpDxe and CapsuleApp(in edk2) for developing capsule update? Do other examples need to be considered? Such as \MdeModulePkg\Universal\EsrtFmpDxe in edk2 example.
3. How to test capsule F/W update process in UEFI shell? Is there a sample code for the app?

Any suggesting is highly appreciated!