FileExplorer volume descriptions

Tim Crawford

Hi all,

I'm looking to modify FileExplorer to provide a more useful description of the available volumes. It currently displays the volume label and ACPI UID to identify volumes. My problem with this is:

- Volume label typically isn't set, so all volumes are listed as "NO VOLUME LABEL"
- The ACPI UID is not useful for normal end users, since they are likely not going to know which device the device path portion corresponds to, or the partition UUID for GPT disks

I'd like to modify it to include the device description, similar to how UefiBootManagerLib does for BootManagerUiLib (BmBootDescription.c). However, I haven't found any code for getting the block device for a volume. Does such a thing exist?

If not, my alternative then would seem to be to enumerate the block devices to get the descriptions and then enumerate the volumes for each block device.