Enable UART CTS and RTS in edk2

Antony Abee


We are developing edk2 bios image for our custom board which is based on Ampere SOC.

Custom board has Uart connections as below:

* DB9 connector (Uefi console)
* CTS/RTS signals from SOC


* DB9 connector
* CTS/RTS signals from GPIO

We have following queries:

1. CTS/RTS signals have usage in edk2 ? or this is useful in OS level only ?
2. Where to enable CTS/RTS control register bits in edk2 source for ampere platform ?
3. Where to configure GPIO's for Uart3 CTS and RTS signals in edk2 source for ampere platform ?
4. Not able to find gpio pad configuration for ampere platform in edk2 source.
5. Could you please help to clarify the above queries ?

Thanks & Regards,