Build problem in UEFI Self-Certification Test 2.7B


I need someone help that about building UEFI Self-Certification Test 2.7B problem. From website only provide InstallX64.efi with UEFI Self-Certification Test 2.6 A. Now I need InstallX64.efi with UEFI Self-Certification Test 2.7B but no such file.
So I manual build 2.7B package but always meet the build error. Have any idea?

C:\SCTWorkspace>build -p SctPkg\UEFI\UEFI_SCT.dsc -a X64 -t VS2015x86
Build environment: Windows-10-10.0.17134
Build start time: 01:29:29, Nov.07 2020

WORKSPACE = c:\sctworkspace
ECP_SOURCE = c:\sctworkspace\edkcompatibilitypkg
EDK_SOURCE = c:\sctworkspace\edkcompatibilitypkg
EFI_SOURCE = c:\sctworkspace\edkcompatibilitypkg
EDK_TOOLS_PATH = c:\sctworkspace\basetools
EDK_TOOLS_BIN = c:\sctworkspace\basetools\bin\win32
CONF_PATH = c:\sctworkspace\conf

Architecture(s) = X64
Build target = DEBUG
Toolchain = VS2015x86

Active Platform = c:\sctworkspace\SctPkg\UEFI\UEFI_SCT.dsc

Processing meta-data .......
c:\sctworkspace\SctPkg\TestCase\UEFI\EFI\BootServices\ImageServices\BlackBoxTest\Dependency\InvalidImage1\InvalidImage1.inf(...): error 5000: COMPONENT_TYPE is not given

- Failed -
Build end time: 01:29:39, Nov.07 2020
Build total time: 00:00:10