Updated UEFI bios for Intel DQ57TM desktop mobo?


If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks!



I have an Intel DQ57TM. It's running the original Tunnel Mountain UEFI development firmware (SDV.TM.B12)

Basically what is discussed in the following:

It came to us running the UEFI bios so we did not have to manually flash the SPI chip.

1) Was there a newer UEFI BIOS version than SDV.TM.B12?

The second PDF says updated versions can be downloaded from the Intel UEFI Community Resource Center (http://www.intel.com/udk) but that URL no longer exists.

2) Alternatively is there any way to revert to the standard TM0050.BIO non-UEFI bios which I think was the final version for the DQ57TM?

Recovery jumper and bootable USB doesn't work. I have a CH341A and can flash the SPI but I believe I need to extract the binary image from the DQ57TM.BIO file. Googling I found lots of people asking how to do this but either "that's not allowed by Intel" or no answer.


Tony Jones
SUSE Kernel Performance Team