Not able to Load Protocol gEfiWiFi2Protocol (Wifi 2)

Pranay Kadam

Hi Team,
I'm new to Edk2 platform. I am trying to write simple program to display available Wifi network in Uefi Shell.

I'm trying to load gEfiWiFi2ProtocolGuid Protocol using *LocateProtocol* function as below.
But I can see the return status as "NOT_FOUND". I don't know what am I missing here ?

DEBUG((DEBUG_INFO, "Loafing Protocol....."));

Status = gBS->LocateProtocol(&gEfiWiFi2ProtocolGuid, NULL, (VOID**)(&WifiNetwork));

DEBUG((DEBUG_ERROR, "Error %r",Status));
return Status;


Hi Pranay Kadam, I hope you are fine.

I think there is no problem in the implemented code. This status is returned because probably the system you use to validate the implementation does not have the necessary driver to expose the EFI_WIRELESS_MAC_CONNECTION_II_PROTOCOL.

What laptop model are you using?

- Run "drivers" command in the UEFI Shell and check if there is any driver related to Wifi.
- Check the options on BIOS and enable all Wireless connection related options

Renan Moraes
FIT (Flextronics Institute of Technology)