Some codes in EDKII do not obey the EDK II C Coding Standards Specification


Hello there,

I am new to EDKII and reading some standards published by the EDKII project. There is a item that says, The use of int, unsigned, char, void, static, long is a violation of the coding convention,

But I found some place in current newest master branch that use static keywords to define EFI functions like

CryptoPkg\Library\BaseCryptLibOnProtocolPpi\CryptLib.c, line 88
CryptoPkg\Driver\Crypto.c, line 79,97

Also, some codes in BaseTools and git submodules use the static keyword, which I think they are out of question,
since they are not EDKII packages.

Do anyone share the similar opinion with me, or do someone know whether the maintainer has the plan to fix these code?