Enabling UART CTS / RTS support in edk2

Antony Abee

Hi All,

We are developing an edk2 bios image for our custom board which is based on Ampere SOC.

Our custom board has
Uart0 - uefi logs
Uart3 - Connected to DB9 connector.

For uart0 the cts and rts signals are from SOC itself. Whereas for Uart3, cts and rts signals are from GPIO.

Uart Driver used: ARM PL011 UART driver.

We have below queries.
1. Does CTS and RTS signals have usage in edk2 ? or this will be taken care in OS level ?
2. Where to enable CTS/RTS bits of uart control registers in edk2 ?
3. Where to configure the GPIO's as CTS and RTS functionality in edk2 ?

Could anyone help on this ?