[EDK2] OS booting from SPI flash device on Leaf Hill-based new board


Could you please help to take a look at my problem?
I have designed Leaf Hill-based new board and testing now.
BIOS booting was done successfully, memory and most of peripherals are listed on the efi shell.
There are two SPI Flash memory on the board, the one is for OS and other one is for image files.

Q1. SPI flash for OS and image files are not accessible.(FS0, FS1)
Efi shell displays no map files
How can I get access to SPI flash?

Q2. How can I boot from SPI flash?
Booting was done successfully from USB memory stick, making file system and copying to SPI flash the OS image was done.
But I couldn't boot from SPI flash and there are no options in the boot order set up menu.
How can I make boot OS image from SPI flash?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.