How to determine/confirm whether SCT test being run is against the intended driver


I am trying to run SCT test on a NIC(Network Interface Card) Option Rom/Driver. But I am not sure that the test is performed against my particular Option Rom driver or any other UEFI driver
I tried one debug driver by adding debug messages at multiple locations and tried SCT, but none of those debug messages are being printed during the test
Q1) How to confirm if the SCT is being run against my driver?
Q2) Can we provide Driver Handle to UEFI SCT test to test against?
Q3) I could not find much documentation on SCT in the UEFI forums. I want to look at specific documentation that if SCT throw warning/Error, which line of code/method in driver this Error is thrown at. Can you point me to the documentation?

Kusumakar Althi