Re: GSoC Proposal

Ada Christine <adachristine18@...>

Hi, Marvin

Its similarity to my own latest experiment is the key to what grabbed my attention. I have no particular use case in mind for it, but I see its potential for anybody developing larger applications in that when a library is changed there's no need to distribute a new version of the whole binary, just the relevant library module.

I slept on it and it occurred to me that the whole thing could operate similarly to the shell protocol in that the linker/loader is itself an application that does a LoadImage() on the application needing dynamic linking facilities. If however the whole plan is making the linker as a DXE and including it with the firmware, that I'm not quite as sure about. That would necessarily tie any applications using dynamic linking to TianoCore or any firmware distribution that derives from it.

To shift the topic slightly back to GSoC, however, I'm willing to work on other items on the task list. Unit testing and an ACPICA application are the alternative projects I had thought about. I need to choose fairly soon as the proposal deadline is next Tuesday. I know a tiny bit about porting ACPICA as I also have plans to incorporate it into my own project.

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